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Attorney at law in Saint Petersburg Russia
Alexander B. Yudin

Attorney at law
Alexander B. Yudin
The lawyer of Saint Petersburg bar association
Registration number 78/5707 in the registry of lawyers (barrister) of the Ministry of Justice Russia since 2013.
Founder of a law firm
"The Line of Defence | Law Office"

St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Law

Accredited by the Ministry of Justice Russia as an independent expert conducting anti-corruption expertise of legal acts and bills.

We signed a petition against the war together with other lawyers ( more than 5 thousand signatures before the introduction of criminal liability for this)

Practice areas & legal services

- Check Russian company registration
Real estate
- Family Law and Divorce
- Litigation
- Intellectual property
- International trade
- Tax
- Immigration law
- Labor law
- Maritime law

Lawyers, barristers, advocates in Russia SPb - Saint Petersburg
We work diligently to protect the rights of our clients.

Company Formation in Russia

You can open a limited liability company ("ООО") or a joint stock company ("АО"), which are the most common types of firms in Russia. There are also other types of businesses available in this country and if you don't know which is best suited for your business you may ask me. We can help you set up any type of company, branch or representative office, prepare the necessary documents (license, work permit) and provide corporate administration.

Customs law and taxes

Russian customs legislation is regulated by the Federal Law "Customs Regulation in Russia", August 03, 2018 #289 and Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan)
We can help to clear the cargo for bussines and private client.

Movement of goods across the Russian border.

We have different rules for other types of transport and postal parcel. You can take with you some personal items without paying custom duties: up to 50 kilo and value no more than 10 000 EURO for air transportation (with the exception of a number of goods: alcohol, tobacco etc).

Movement of сash across the Russian border.

You can take with you no more than 10 000 US $. If there is more 10 000 $ you have to declare it and to fill out the special declaration in "red zone" ("красный коридор"). If there is more 100 000 $ US you should confirm the legality of this money.

Immigration lawyer in Russia

I provide legal advice for matters such as visa to Russia, employment for non-citizens, work permit, employment law, citizenship and deportation issues. I can file legal documents as your representative and can appear with you at immigration office (MVD RF - Ministry of Internal Affairs). I provide all services for highly qualified foreign workers in Russiа, Saint Petersburg.

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The Line of Defence | Law Office